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PanelView-5310-front- Rockwell Automation

Panelview 5000 hjälper till att optimera er produktivitet

To help you optimize productivity, Allen-Bradley has expanded the PanelView™ 5000 portfolio of graphic terminals and Studio 5000 View Designer® software. Studio 5000 View Designer software is included as part of the Studio 5000 Automation Engineering & Design Environment.®

Panelview 5000 allows engineers to enter configuration information only once and leverage it across the entire automation design system. The integration of hardware and software helps you build modern applications more easily and make data-driven decisions faster. Read full Press Release here


Compact I/O 5069 ger högre prestanda och diagnostik för smarta maskiner.

Future proofing your system and enabling your Connected Enterprise

The Compact I/O™ system continues to expand performance capabilities with the 5069 Compact I/O platform. It is the ideal distributed I/O solution for use with CompactLogix™ 5380 and ControlLogix® 5580 controllers, as well as for local I/O for CompactLogix 5380 controllers. The Compact I/O system future-proofs your system and enables The Connected Enterprise, allowing machine builders to bring added value to their customers through a single, unified architecture, using EtherNet/IP™ for increased overall productivity.

See full Press Release and details here