ILX56 Message Manager data transfer engine for ControlLogix

ILX56 Message Manager data transfer engine for ControlLogix

The ProSoft Technology inRAx Message Manager is a single-slot solution that connects and transfers Factory and Plant Process Automation monitoring and control data between islands of automation across diverse platforms, networks and protocols.

The inRAx Message Manager is a data transfer engine for the ControlLogix 1756 platform, supporting Rockwell Automation Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) network protocols, as well as platforms and devices that use Siemens Industrial Ethernet and Modbus TCP/IP protocols.

The ILX56-MM reduces the engineering effort required to coordinate data transfers between multiple control systems in Factory and Plant Automation applications. The Message Manager streamlines data connection and transfer operations by enabling PLC/PAC data exchanges without the need for additional message-specific PLC programming.

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